TechSec Business Brokers

“Specializing in Technology Sector Business Brokering”

The Team at TechSec has over 25 years of buying, selling, and doing mergers and acquisitions in Technology Sector Businesses, including hardware, software, SaaS, websites, IT, and Intellectual property based assets. All Team members are trained as Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) and hold ethics and confidentiality as paramount.


Selling or buying a business can be one of the most stressful and important financial decisions you will make. It can be a complex transaction with many variables. Without seasoned professional guidance, you face them alone. Our goal is to be your trusted adviser, guiding you in selling or buying a business or help steering a strategic or synergistic transaction, and to make it a rewarding experience as well.


TechSec Business Brokers offers business sellers a comprehensive, confidential and professional marketing strategy. With numerous global resources providing you with maximum exposure.


Finding a business to purchase can be a challenging task with out the services of an experienced and certified business broker advisor. Without a team that can help you find the best business for your needs, you can severely limit your options.


Bottom line, whether representing the buyer/seller or both, we get the deals done!



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